Our firm provides expert services in the complete administration of a decedent’s estate and / or trust.  We support both formal and informal administrations, which include proving that the deceased's will is valid, identifying the deceased person's property and having it appraised, ensuring the payment of outstanding debts and taxes, and distributing the property per the will, trust, or applicable law.

Probate is a court supervised process pertaining to a decedent’s estate administration.  Under formal administration, the court will approve the appointment of an Executor or Administrator, and supervise the transfer of assets to the beneficiaries or heirs. Other less formal administration procedures are available under Texas Probate laws, too.

Informal administration includes procedures such as Muniment of Title, Affidavit of Heirship, and Family Settlement Agreements.  Formal administrations include the granting of Letters Testamentary, Independent Administrations, and Dependent Administration.

We are happy to support our client through the entire probate process and administration, even if our firm has not prepared the will or trust.  We will not stop until the assets have been re-titled and distributed according to the planning documents or law.