Estate Planning

Our firm provides individualized planning designed to protect and preserve your assets while you are still living, and to ensure that your estate is distributed as you planned.  An estate plan may also help reduce taxes and other costs, easing the burden on your loved ones.

Estate Planning is important, no matter how much income you make, or the value of your assets.  From the distribution of assets, to naming guardians for minor children, an estate plan provides security and protection for your loved ones, and helps ensure your wishes are carried out.

Estate planning is also a valuable way to ensure that, should you become ill or incapacitated, your family and health care providers understand your wishes and can act upon them.  This sort of planning makes arrangements for your designated agent or agents to make decisions regarding your medical treatment and takes care of your financial obligations.   Furthermore, the proper estate planning can reduce or remove entirely the necessity for drastic measures, such as court appointed guardians.

Our firm offers a wide array of services, advice, and strategies that will make planning easier for you and your family.  From the creation of simple wills to the implementation of tax planning and charitable trusts, partnerships, and foundations our firm will help you select the services that best suit your needs.  Each estate plan is unique, tailored to suit you and family.