Business Entities

Our firm provides advice on the proper business entity based on an analysis of the purpose of the entity, the current situation of the client and the intended exit strategy from the entity, and the current laws governing the different types of business entity. Our firm will then take all necessary measures to create the entity, including filing the necessary forms with the Secretary of State, and creating the operating documents for the entity.

Business entities may be formed to operate as a for-profit company, a not-for-profit company, an asset protection device, or for many other reasons. The most common business entities include Corporations, Partnerships, S Corporations, Professional Associations, and Limited Liability Companies. Each business entity functions differently and is covered by different laws and regulations.

The support and service do not end once the company has been created. Our firm continues to provide advice, experience and expertise throughout the term of the business entity. Among the documents that may be required over the life of the business are independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, cross-purchase agreements.

Once the entity has served its purpose, we will provide advice regarding the termination of the entity and the distribution of the assets.